StarrWalker CBD Oil

Dr. Mary wanted to be so sure of the quality and purity before offering CBD to her patients that she personally traveled to Colorado to meet with the growers and processors. She toured the farms and processing facilities to insure that they met her high standards before giving the green light to offer their oil to her patients.

What Makes StarrWalker CBD the Best Choice

One very important thing to keep in mind that sets StarrWalker’s Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil apart from what all these "pop-up" shops are offering to the masses is that ours is made with only a hemp seed oil base. Almost all others use MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) grapeseed or coconut oil and artificial flavorings.

That means the first ingredient in their CBD is grapeseed or coconut not hemp like StarrWalker’s Professional Grade Full Spectrum CBD.

Choose a Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Beware of CBD oils that are not Full Spectrum. Many online retailers and pop-up shops offer reduced price CBD isolate tinctures. These are NOT FULL SPECTRUM.

Remember, Full Spectrum contains other active plant compounds in addition to the CBD. This includes other cannabinoids such as:

  • CBN
  • CBL
  • Aromatic (nice smelling) Cannabis Terpenes like pinene and limonene

The synergistic effects of using the whole plant have been found to be far superior.

Buy from a Trusted Store

If you order CBD online, you have no way of knowing if the product is truly organic or how it was processed.

Many use harsh chemicals like butane (lighter fluid) or hexane over the raw plant material which results in carcinogenic compounds (like formaldehyde) being left over in the end product. CO2 extraction is much cleaner and healthier.

There are no solvents or carcinogenic compounds in StarrWalker’s CBD oil.