We Welcome Your Visit

1st Visit

Getting to Know You

During your first visit, we’ll take time getting to know you, your medical history, current symptoms, and health needs. We believe in testing, not guessing. You’ll be asked to have blood work done —our tests cover a broader range of factors than conventional clinics.

BE PREPARED: Bring medical history and other related paperwork. Come fasting so we can do thorough blood tests at your first visit.

2nd Visit

What We Learned and Recommend

We’ll explain the test reports from your first visit. Tell you where we think the root cause of your health issues lie. Then, recommend a healthcare plan. During this visit, we’ll take time to answer any of your questions. Finally, schedule you back for a two-month review.

IMPORTANT: Doing the suggested work to improve your health is vital to getting the best results with your personalized healthcare plan.

3rd Visit

Retesting for Later Review

You’ll have more blood work done here, so we can see what’s changed and improved since your first tests.

4th Visit

Results of Our Work

This visit is our opportunity to prove where we’ve improved your health together. We’ll do this by discussing your current symptom levels and show progress made in your latest test results. Then, you can choose to continue partnering with us for a healthier you. You will be more empowered with your own healthcare because of our work together.

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